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Where can I buy your products?

Please take a look at our where to buy section.

Do you still make Easter biscuits?

Unfortunately not, sorry.

Do you still make mince pies?

Unfortunately not, sorry.

Do you still have seconds sales?

Unfortunately not, sorry.

Why have you dropped the J?

With this new design we wanted to make sure that it was easier to spot the brand on the shelves in your local store, and that we looked a more up to date. We felt that Thomas’s name was important to keep but that the J was a little bit old fashioned.

Why have you stopped making my favourite product?

Sorry, but although we adore all the biscuits we have made, unfortunately we can’t keep all of the products all of the time, especially the ones that are less popular. We need some room to bring out new & exciting products, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not, sorry.

Is our packaging recyclable?

Our cartons are recyclable, but our paper trays, plastic trays, and clear film are not. We need these extra layers of packaging to keep the product safe and protected. However we are in the process of all changing all our black plastic to clear so it’s easily recyclable, this will be complete by the end of 2019. We are continuing to look at and work on further improvements in this area.

Are you going to any events this year?

Unfortunately not, sorry. If this changes we will be sure to let you all know.

Do you make any gluten free products?

Unfortunately not, sorry. None of products are suitable for wheat allergy sufferers or coeliacs, as we have flour and other gluten containing ingredients in our bakery.

Have you reduced the size of the pack?

No we wouldn’t dare. You can now buy a pack of 6 & a pack of 8 in some our range.

Did you change the recipes when you changed the packaging?

We haven’t changed any of our Florentines recipes, nor would we… but we have reduced the sugar & removed the Agave from our Flapjacks (as you asked us) and we’ve also made our Ginger Blisscuits even more buttery and removed the Palm Oil.

Can you help with our charity fund raising?

Here at Thomas Fudge’s we like to support local charities and as you can imagine we get in undated with requests, therefore our company policy is to choose 2 charities a year to support, one local and one national.

We’re currently supporting Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue and Dementia UK for 2019/2020.

You are more than welcome to contact us again with further information about your charity/fund raising so you can be included for the selection of 2020/21 charities. Please email:

How do I get in touch?

For anything we haven’t answered, or for any other query please email or call us on 01963 362 402.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Unfortunately not, sorry, as we cannot take credit card details, but please visit our online shop or look out for us in your local supermarket.

Why have you changed the design of the pack again?

We loved our old design but also love our new look and feel. We were getting complaints that it was difficult to spot us in the supermarket, and that it was hard to tell each product apart, so we have now included lovely close up pictures of the biscuits on the front and introduced the colour from the sides into the illustrations on the front, to help you find your favourite. We hope you’ll love these new designs as much as we do.

Do you export your products?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but if you are interested, then please get in touch to talk it through on 01727 899700 or email us on

What have you done with the beautiful hats?

We adored the hats that we used when we were out and about and on our old packaging design, but we got a lot of feedback that they confused people. What did hats have to do with biscuits? So we have kept the illustrations of the ingredients but taken away the hats. Hopefully it is now easier to understand what we make.

Can we visit the bakery?

Unfortunately not. We do not have a retail shop here on site, and as the bakery runs all year round, other than Christmas, we cannot open to the public.

Do you make Fudge?

Sadly we don’t it is the surname of our founder Thomas Fudge. Great name, right!

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