Biscuits for Cheese

A scrumptious quartet of biscuits for cheese, perfect to top with a wide range of cheeses, so outrageously indulgent, you can’t help but giggle in blissful, unbridled merriment. A match made in heaven.

Biscuits for Cheese

Biscuits for Cheese

A scrumptious quartet of biscuits for cheese.


Spin the wheel to discover the perfect cheese companion in our scrumptious quartet of biscuits for cheese. For those who know their stinking bishop from their stilton. Or just the thing for Gouda geeks and Feta fiends.

Charcoal Hearts

Charcoal Hearts

Glorious Snippets of wisdom


For those moments when you need a little snack or light bite. Whether it's with friends with a glass of wine, or on your own straight from the pack. Nibble with abandon and enjoy.


Some of the most delicious combinations are those that pair the crunch or crumble of a delicious savoury biscuit with the sharp tang of your favourite cheese. Why not try with extra toppings of quince, chutney or grapes?


Some flatbreads are made to be enjoyed with dips, and our new range are satisfyingly snappable, and they’re the perfect partner for almost everything dippable. Which will be your favourite with salsa, guacamole, hummus, baba ganoush or sour cream?


All our nibbles and savouries are good for sharing, and can act as a kind of social glue that bonds people together. There is something marvellous about bringing friends & family together & for those occasions the food you share can show how much you love them, and fuel a good catch up.



Nominate a friend or loved one for a delicious surprise. Every month, we pick a few deserving souls from your nominations and send them beautiful box full of our scrumptious sweet and savoury bakes on your behalf.

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