Beautious Blisscuits

With shots of zingy ginger, zesty candied lemon and lashings of Belgian chocolate, our sumptuous sweet blisscuit range is a treasure trove of deliciousness, perfect for any coffee morning with chums or an after dinner nibble.

Dark Chocolate Stem Ginger


Fiery biscuits bursting with stem ginger pieces, dipped in satiny Belgian dark chocolate.

White Chocolate Lemon


Exceptionally moreish lemony biscuits, packed with candied peel and dipped in creamy Belgian white chocolate.

Triple Chocolate


Ridiculously decadent Belgian chocolate infused, chipped and dipped biscuits – for an uncompromising cocoa hit.

Good things come to those who bake

Glorious Snippets of wisdom

Perfect tea time pairings…

The citrus zest of our Lemon Blisscuit pairs beautifully with the bergamot flavour and perfumed fragrance found in Earl Grey tea.

Green tea is known for its natural crisp taste which cuts through the sweet, creamy taste and texture of our delicious Triple Chocolate Blisscuit. Otherwise a favourite here is the traditional breakfast cuppa.

The fiery zing of our Ginger Blisscuit matches perfectly with any Lemon hot beverage, whether your preference is for hot water, green tea, fruit infusions, or a traditional black tea, it’s the sharpness needed to complement the spiced biscuit.

Try something new

Chocolate & Ginger Refrigerator Cake

For a quick and tasty treat, use our Dazzling Dark Chocolate Stem Ginger Blisscuits to make a refrigerator cake. Simply break the biscuits into chunks, add some stem ginger, into melted butter, chocolate, and golden syrup and then leave to set. Great to have on hand for surprise visitors.


Nominate a friend or loved one for a delicious surprise. Every month, we pick a few deserving souls from your nominations and send them beautiful box full of our scrumptious sweet and savoury bakes on your behalf.

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